Cruise Planners – American Express Franchise Review (Travel Franchise Business)

Cruise Planners, a part of the American Express company has a travel franchise business opportunity for the entrepreneur wanting to work from home. Here is a simple review of this unique franchise business.Cruise Planners is part of the American Express company and is a travel franchise opportunity for anyone who would be interested in creating a work from home business. With many more ships being set to sea over the next few years this could be a hot business opportunity for many individuals.The opportunity comes with the following to help individuals to succeed in their business:• Highest commission levels in the industry• Turn-key, award winning marketing and advertising programs• Lead generation and website programs• Enormous buying power and group inventory• CPU – our continuous training program• Proprietary accounting and customer management software• Dedicated support staffThe marketing program will be a must as this is truly a work from home business. Of course this opportunity will have only a limited amount of training when it comes to marketing online. Learning how to effectively drive traffic to this business will be a must and purchasing the needed Internet marketing training should be considered. Driving qualified FREE traffic online does have a learning curve, but this learning curve can be made simple and extremely effective.Cruise Planners is a solid franchise business opportunity for the entrepreneur looking for a work from home business. There are many incentives for individuals to choose the travel packages offered because they are allowed to use an accumulative point system, book a pre- or post cruise hotel stay, transfers and sightseeing tours to enhance your clients’ vacation and hosted group travel packages. It is best however to complete all due diligence into this opportunity and look into Internet marketing trainings available to assist you in building your travel business online.